Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bluish-Orange Bumps

Bluish-orange bumps
Of spongy fungal matter:
Coffee-ground garden.

Today We Shall Feast

Today we shall feast.
Loaves of stale bread and hard cheese ~
Commodities came.

Crinkly Tin Pans

Crinkly tin pans
Hold frozen TV dinners.
Why bother to thaw?

Our Lunch-Plates, Licked Clean

Our lunch-plates, licked clean
By pink sandpapery tongues.
The gravy has fur.

Little Cylinders

Little cylinders
Of glistening silver
Grace the lawn. Beer cans.

Eight Months Pregnant

Eight months pregnant
Springtime brides blush prettily
Married at fourteen.

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About trailer-trash haiku: It's pathetic, really. And there's plenty more where this came from. You just have to wait for the next divine inspiration from the seedy side of the Muse. With luck, the poetic trough will not run dry anytime soon. For shopaholics, I've picked out some fine products for the most delicate, discriminating taste. Relatively.

Porch Rails Lean Gently

Porch rails lean gently.
A loose nail peeps out.
I’ll fix it next year.

Wintertime Coldness

Wintertime coldness.
Cold lard flakes delicately
From yesterday’s plate.

Crooked Yellow Teeth

Crooked yellow teeth.
Black gaps peek through lips, flirting.
We kiss. It is Spring.