Monday, December 22, 2008

Potato Peelings

Potato peelings.
Garbage gourmets seek our yard.
Possums just love us.

Dim Twilight

Dim Twilight.
Gray possums now creep.
Good eatin'!

Midnight Moon

Midnight moon.
Bulbous lobe shining so white.
My man's butt.

She Leans In

She leans in,
And one stray hair falls
In my soup.

Oily Sheen

Oily sheen.
Winter's wisp of steam.
Our cesspool.

Wafting Scents

Wafting scents:
Soiled kitty litter
One month old.

Soiled Tee Shirt

Soiled tee shirt;
Big beer belly...
He's so hot!